Akcelerator wybielania BEYOND™ Polus™ to bezprecedensowa innowacja w wybielaniu zębów.


Whitening Accelerator

Accelerator is an unprecedented innovation in teeth whitening.
This system is based on technology designed by scientists. It provides light from both a very strong 150W halogen lamp and from LEDs placed at the end of the lamp. The light is completely safe, because it is filtered through 150,000 optical fibres, as well as optical glass. Technology combines both light lengths from two different sources and creates a so-called light bridge that is free of UV radiation or harmful infrared radiation. The end result is a powerful light source with a wave covering a completely blue spectrum, best for teeth whitening, which translates into the best possible results.

The whitening accelerator has received a maximum rating of 5+, and 98% of accepted clinical cases from the Dental Advisor. The products also received the Editors’ Choice Award. The grade and award were granted based on a clinical trial performed with 40 patients in Michigan, USA.

The whitening accelerator has also been appreciated by Dental Product Shopper, an independent online portal that evaluates dental products, which awarded it 3.8 points and the PREFERRED PRODUCT 2010 award.