Laser diodowy KAVO Gentleray 980


Innovative diode laser

Lasers offer comfort for both the doctor and patient, as well as reduced post-surgery pain and faster wound healing. The innovative diode laser eliminates hypersensitivity after tooth filling, endodontic treatment, tooth extraction and many other surgical procedures. It is extremely useful in the treatment of irritating and painful mucosal changes or hypersensitivity of exposed dental necks. Its anti-inflammatory properties are used to relieve the painful removal of wisdom teeth. It also helps to eliminate purulent inflammations throughout the entire oral cavity. It is irreplaceable in the treatment of periodontal diseases.

Indications for using the laser:
• abscesses
• pulp removal
• adenomas
• drainage
• labial frenectomy
• lingual frenectomy
• gum removal
• gum surgery
• implant uncovery

Its advantages include short treatment time, non-invasive treatment, simple methods and quick effects, often visible after the first session. It eliminates swelling and provides effective antibacterial protection. It minimises the formation of postsurgical scars. The length of the laser beam ensures high precision in all oral procedures, in particular those performed on soft tissues.