Tomograf 3D wiązki stożkowej GC DP – 700 SERIES


3D tomography system

A correct diagnosis is crucial for the course of treatment. Computed tomography (CT) is used increasingly often in diagnosis and treatment control. By using a three-dimensional radiological examination, it is now possible to better plan treatment in all areas of dentistry.
Our radiology laboratory, equipped with a GC DP – 700 SERIES cone beam 3D tomography system, facilitates the highest quality X-ray examination using three-dimensional reconstruction.

We offer high resolution CT scans:

•  to provide correct diagnosis, constant control and full analysis of treatment as it progresses
•  to simulate implant treatment – determining the amount of bone tissue, the possibility of implant placement and its size
•  to provide accurate imaging of neighbouring structures, enabling assessment of the advancement of pathological processes, such as tumours, non-neoplastic hyperplasia and inflammatory processes
•  to provide complete diagnosis of the bones of the maxilla, mandible and temporomandibular joints
•  to locate periapical lesions, necessary to make an accurate diagnosis in endodontic treatment
•  to locate supernumerary and impacted teeth (most often „wisdom teeth”)

We offer high resolution CT scans of:
•  maxilla
•  mandible
•  paranasal sinuses
•  temporomandibular joints
•  endodontic microtomography

The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle is applied during radiographic examinations, which means that radiological examinations must be preceded by a medical interview and performed in response to diagnostic needs.
According to current laws, a panoramic photograph or CT scan is possible only after referral from a doctor. In the absence of referral, the examination is possible after a prior consultation visit.