Panoramiczny aparat rentgenowski Aparat GXDP-300 Gendex, Panoramic X-ray


Panoramic X-ray

The most modern panoramic X-ray, currently the world leader in the field of dental radiology and digital imaging. It is equipped with innovative imaging technology and provides much greater efficiency when positioning the patient. Using this excellent device, our patients can receive on site X-ray images of the highest quality and meeting the highest diagnostic requirements.
The device enables projections in the field of dentistry, surgery and maxillofacial diagnostics. The pantomographic picture makes it possible to reconstruct the dentition together with the surrounding tissues, while maintaining the ideal depth of field. One major advantage of this equipment is the reduction of radiation dose to a minimum, providing maximising patient safety.
Bitewing-occlusal view, a panoramic projection with a distinction between adults and children and a view of the temporomandibular joint.

The new, patented FOX technology increases the depth of field, providing optimal clarity of radiographic images. In addition, the EasyPosition™ System and helpful laser positioning indicators ensure the correct positioning and stabilisation of any patient regardless of their height, including those in a wheelchair, minimising movement and ensuring optimal accuracy.