Cosmetic dentistry solutions

cosmetic dentistry poland, all ceramic veneers
  • all-ceramic crowns
cosmetic dentistry poland, all ceramic crowns
  • implant-supported
    all-ceramic crowns
cosmetic dentistry poland, implant-supported all-ceramic crowns
  • gum plastic surgeries
cosmetic dentistry poland, gum plastic surgeries
  • whitening
cosmetic dentistry poland, teeth whitening

Modern treatment

A beautiful smile increases self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to restore teeth’s radiance and deal with complexes and stress associated with appearance. Public appearances and getting to know new people will be even easier. Do not ignore this important aspect. The sooner dental defects such as:

  • incorrect tooth position (tilted, leaning out, crowded teeth)
  • tooth discolouration
  • unsightly shape
  • gaps between teeth
  • missing teeth
  • pathological teeth grinding

are corrected, the lower the chance of future permanent beauty defects, such as shortening of the lower part of the face, deepening of the nasolabial fold, highlighting of the chin, fallen cheeks and extension of the lower jaw.

Cosmetic dentistry – smile makeovers

Smile makeovers

All restorations performed at the Cichoń Dental Centre are tailored to the individual needs of the patient. They are selected based on the patient’s facial features, smile and gum line. This enables a unique aesthetic effect, ensuring a beautiful smile for many years. In order to ensure patient comfort, we provide cosmetic temporary restorations for the period of treatment. Even the most difficult cases can be solved, and every smile can be dazzling. It’s easy with us.
The unique effects of our specialists’ work can be seen here.