Before the visit

Health questionnaire

Before the first visit, it is necessary to complete a health questionnaire. At the beginning of treatment, medical documentation is created (in accordance with Article 41 paragraph 1 of the Act on the Medical and Dental Profession, the doctor is obliged to keep an individual medical record). For your safety and to avoid complications during treatment, it is necessary to ask questions about your health. General disorders can affect the choice of appropriate therapy and influence the treatment of dental diseases. Therefore, we ask patients to give full and honest answers. First-time patients are asked to come 15 minutes before the planned visit in order to complete the questionnaire. The information in it influences the creation of an individual treatment plan. The form consists of a dental interview and general medical history. One important piece of information is the PESEL number (national identification number), so please remember to prepare ahead. The data provided on the form is confidential and will be attached to the patient’s treatment card.


During the visit

First visit
First visit

On the first visit, we carry out a general dental review and take a pantomographic picture, which is necessary in order to make an accurate diagnosis. If necessary, we will take impressions to create diagnostic models of teeth, which will form an integral part of the medical documentation. Digital photos of dentition, using an intraoral or digital camera, might also be taken. For an implantological, surgical or endodontic consultation, a tomography examination can be carried out, which enables precise planning of the procedure, assessment of the number of bones and location of key structures such as the alveolar nerve and the bottom of the maxillary sinus. The first visit may be completed by a consultation with another specialist from the Cichoń Dental Centre. On the basis of radiological examination and diagnosis, doctors will prepare a treatment plan with a cost estimate. In order to meet your expectations and resolve any doubts regarding the proposed treatment our employee will contact you within a few days of your visit to discuss the treatment plan and answer any questions. In addition, if you want to discuss financial matters, it is always possible to meet with the Managing Director.