„I came to Kraków without a smile. The problem was my teeth. I found the Cichon Dentistry Centre on the Internet and trusted the outstanding specialists there. And now I can say confidently, “The Cichoń Clinic and you’ll smile again!”
Krzysztof Materna
Director, actor, television and theatre producer, and satirist
„I believe that neat and healthy smile is our greatest capital. I have been looking for a Clinic where I could feel safe. A team of doctors I could trust without any slightest doubt. I have found people who, apart from their profound knowledge and skills, have a passion, and work with full devotion, giving absolute priority to the patients’ health, comfort, and welfare. Owing to them I can smile as I like it: frequently, spontaneously, broadly, and cheerfully. This is what my serene nature requires..;) Owing to this wonderful Team managed by Dr Bartosz Cichoń, I have no limitations in doing so. I recommend them from all my heart.”
Urszula Grabowska
Movie and Theatre Actress
„There is this one place in Kraków where I go with pleasure, everyone smiles but mainly they are professionals. State-of-the-art materials, equipment, and empathy. Here even the anaesthetic doesn’t hurt. The place is Cichoń Dentistry … I have recommended it before, recommend it now, and will continue to recommend it!”
Iwona Bielska
Theatre and film actor
„Doctor Cichoń fights with passion and persistence to maintain my dental gifts, depleted by age and periodontosis, complementing them gently and discreetly. He patiently endures the anxieties and nervous reactions of this (difficult, no point to hide it) patient. In a word, he is a great and brave ‘warrior’ of dentistry. He and his great team of doctors and assistants.”
Anna Polony
Theatre and film actress, director
„During my career in hockey, I experienced a lot of injuries, meaning that my smile left a lot to be desired. My teeth were my Achilles heel; I smiled, but I knew that my smile wasn’t pretty. Today, after many, many years of problems with my teeth, I’ve finally regained my beautiful smile. Many thanks to the entire Cichon Dentistry team for this gift, with all my heart I can recommend this clinic.”
Martin Dudáš
Former captain of the Cracovia hockey team
„In professional sport, good health is fundamental, and that includes healthy and nice-looking teeth. A pretty smile comes in handy when giving an interview or receiving congratulations on the podium. I am a professional and I entrust my teeth to professionals. That’s why I have chosen the Cichoń Dentistry. I trust and recommend it.”
Tomasz Marczyński
Multiple Polish Road Cycling Champion
„A beautiful and snow-white smile gives confidence in every situation. A visit to doctor Cichoń means professionalism in every way. I recommend it.”
Magdalena Steczkowska
Singer, songwriter and session musician
„On the stage, I fight for the smile of the audience, while Dr. Cichoń fights for my smile :-)”
Adam Małczyk
Cabaret actor from the Krakow Chatelet Formation
„Nothing adorns women better than a beautiful and healthy smile :-) I heartily recommend the Cichoń clinic”
Barbara Tomkowiak
Cabaret actress from the Kraków Chatelet Formation
„The reputation as best dentist in Krakow is fully deserved. Outstanding specialists under the supervision of doctor Bartosz Cichoń – a master of the smile. I recommend it!”
Mikołaj Rey
„Professionalism, kindness, dedication, high standard of treatment – these are just some of the features characterising the Cichoń Dentistry team.”
Henryk Sobański
„A white smile is like magic, which substitutes for the best makeup and any jewellery ...”
Sylwia Peretti
A photomodel, entrepreneur
„I love to smile and live with no limits. I love to bite on nuts, sing clearly, and speak with perfect diction. I was born singing and with a good phonetic apparatus. Now, all I need to do is to take care of my health so that I am not prevented from achieving my goals. Here, I receive help from the best, smiling, nice, and professional people. I have reasons to be happy, and I can show it in all possible ways. Owing to the care provided by Dr Cichoń’s Clinic, my teeth have a chance of outlasting me :-)”
Renata Przemyk
Singer, composer and songwriter
„Dr. Cichoń helped me in an emergency situation. I am grateful and I highly recommend him!”
Łukasz Surma
„I embarked upon my adventure with the Cichoń Dentistry a few years ago and since then my life has involved even more smiling, and that's probably what life is all about. I have finally discovered that there are professionals in this city! Thanks to the expert and most professional crew I know in this area, my smile is beautiful and, I must say humbly, looks like it belongs in Hollywood. Because the point of transformation is to be accompanied by professionals, who have the idea, skills and great knowledge, so that the final effect is PERFECT – just like it was for me! The enormity of effort, work and knowledge that has been put into achieving the effect I can see every day in the mirror has erased any complexes. My teeth are healthy, straight, white and shiny and that makes me want come back again and again to the Cichoń Dentistry.”
Karolina Lusina - Lalik
„The best possible dentist in Poland. Complete professionalism, individual approach to the client, great equipment, and most importantly, the people working there.”
Piotr Bajda
„I would like to recommend to you the Cichoń Dental Centre, not only because of the complete professionalism and innovative treatment methods, but above all due to the unique atmosphere of this place. Wonderful specialists, friendly staff and modern and elegant interiors make every patient feel special here. Visits here are pure pleasure. I never thought that I would be able to get under the care of such an experienced and qualified Team. Thank you for the beautiful smile!”
Małgorzata Dawiec
„For 4 years my family and I have been using services of the Cichoń Dental Centre. Kind, professional staff and modern equipment make the patient feel good and safe here. Visits run smoothly, at a pre-arranged, convenient time. I heartily recommend it.”
Joanna Prokop
„I have been a patient at the CICHOŃ Dental Centre since 2011. I am fully satisfied with the services that this dental clinic offers. I appreciate all the staff for their professionalism and kind approach to the patient. The clinic has great equipment, and doctors are constantly improving through various types of training, which gives me a sense of security and mental comfort, as well as the feeling that I am in good hands. The clinic offers a wide range of services from orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and other more complicated treatments. I never thought that I would feel at home at the dentist, but it is possible. Me and my family confided in doctor Cichoń and we do not regret it. I highly recommend him!”
Jadwiga Karlak
„Very professional advice and high quality treatment. An outstanding level of professionalism towards the patient from the very moment you enter the clinic. I can recommend such a professional team with a clear conscience.”
Paweł Bielecki
„Dr. Cichoń is a recommendable dentist, a great specialist. As the boss, he has a professional crew, as well as innovative diagnostic equipment. Nice atmosphere, great care. Thanks to Cichoń Dentistry, I have beautiful teeth again… I recommend, recommend, recommend!!!”
Krystyna Barańska
„I absolutely and with a clear conscience recommend Dr. Cichoń's clinic!!! Thanks to the wonderful people who work there, great specialists who can be trusted completely, I managed to overcome – yes! – a 20 year paralyzing fear of dentists. Hurray!!!! I was completely taken care of in all aspects!!! And despite the fact that I am a girl in my forties I wear braces and I am very proud of them. Visits to my wonderful doctor Alina are extremely pleasant, seriously! I like my smile more and more, finally!!! Dear all, you need to look after yourself regardless of age!!!”
Ewelina Skrońska
„A big thank you to Ms. Paulina Graboń, who with her smile and telephone stayed on top of all appointments, and tirelessly supported those waiting for their treatments; Ms. Anna Sowińska, who led every tooth to perfection with surgical precision; Ms. Maja Danecka-Pasieka, who with a decisive movement removed what was unnecessary and inserted what would be permanent, although the bones put up a fierce resistance and the reconstruction took a long time; Mr. Tomasz Dohnal, who at dawn rescued a "provisional solution"; Ms. Magdalena Grabowska-Jędryczka for the final cuts and corrections: front teeth; Ms. Justyna Dudek, who has great empathy for us, even when conducting difficult conversations with the offices, she masterly played the game of disciplining subcontractors. Special thanks go to dr. Bartosz Cichoń for combining the hammer with delicacy, perfectionism with empathy, smile and passion and ... All the friendly assistants who, working in the booth, made the work go smoothly forward. And finally, our gratitude goes to all other people who we do not mention, but who we do remember, thanks to whom… You're the Best Team.”
Agnieszka Gajda - Górecka i Wojciech Górecki


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