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The Cichoń Dental Centre was created for patients who want high-quality treatment, comfort and spectacular transformation of their smile. We provide comprehensive dental care, offering a full range of services: cosmetic dentistry, prosthetics, implantology, implant prosthetics, periodontology, 3D and X-ray diagnostics, conservative dentistry using endodontics, orthodontic and surgical treatment, and paediatric dentistry.

The Cichoń Centre’s integrated activities enable customised and comprehensive treatment for our Patients. Each and every problem is consulted comprehensively by a team of experienced dentists, in order to carry out a complete smile transformation. Detailed treatment plans are prepared under the supervision of Dr. Bartosz Cichoń, guaranteeing procedures of the highest standard.

The dental centre is made up of highly qualified personnel, who are oriented towards global trends and constantly expanding their knowledge. The dental practices are equipped with the latest digital equipment, which enables precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The quality of Cichoń Dentistry is confirmed by the transformation of our Patients’ smiles, for which they come from even the most remote parts of the world.



Clinic history


The history of the Cichoń Dental Centre is a story of passion and consistency in pursuing a single goal: the highest standards of dental treatment.

It all began in 2003, when Dr. Bartosz Cichoń created his first dental practice, which he then developed into a specialised centre. Today, over 30 people work here: doctors, hygienists, assistants and administrative employees. We have 8 air-conditioned dental practices equipped with comfortable dental units, modern digital equipment (including an innovative digital intraoral scanner) and 2 X-ray rooms (3D tomography and panoramic images).

From the very beginning, we focused on the highest quality services to meet the individual needs of each Patient. This approach has brought us an excellent reputation as dentists and numerous awards and distinctions – Crystal Titan 2012, Clinic of the Year 2013, Patient Laurel 2014, Best Dentist of Lesser Poland 2015, Patient Laurel 2015/2016, Patient Laurel 2018 – and constantly determines the strength of our brand.

Dental clinic Poland – why us

Our advantages

Our holistic approach to the patient means that the dentists of Cichoń Dentistry work as a team, and treatment plans are created in close cooperation between the implantologist, prosthetist, orthodontist, endodontist and periodontist. Superbly equipped dental practices and innovative diagnostic equipment guarantee safe and modern treatment procedures. Good dentists, comfortable conditions, friendly atmosphere, air-conditioned and elegant interiors, as well as our convenient location in the heart of Krakow mean, that our patients happily return and recommend us to others.