Dental traveling

Traveling is a fantastic way to discover different cultures and enjoy wonderful architecture. During your holiday you can also get professional dental care at a very reasonable price, using the offer from our renowned clinic. Medical tourism is getting more popular each year and Poland is one of the most popular travel destinations! Especially Krakow, the former capital of the country, can offer a lot of attractions to any type of traveler from whole around the world.

Dental holiday in Poland

In most western countries private dental care is very expensive, and public facilities offer low-quality services and long waiting time for a treatment. That is why people from France, Germany and the United Kingdom, for example, are choosing dental travel to Poland. Our country is known for Western European medical standards, which are available at affordable prices. For the same treatment, you will pay even a couple of times less than in a clinic of a similar standard in your home town. Besides, Poland is a fantastic holiday destination, especially if you choose one of the big cities like Krakow. People who are working in the service industry are usually speaking English or German, so you won’t have any problems with communication during your dental holiday Poland. The country is very safe and friendly for tourists from abroad, many foreigners even move to Poland to work and live in here. And if you are paying in euros, pounds or dollars, the low prices in shops, restaurants, and hotels will surprise you for sure!

Dental travel to Poland and Krakow

Reasonable dental tourism prices are not the only reason why you should choose the treatment in our medical clinic. As befits the former capital of the big country, Krakow offers many great architectural monuments to explore. You can enjoy all of them by using medical tourism Poland! The city was founded in the early Medieval times and even today you can see some buildings from that period on the streets of Krakow, mainly in the Old Town. The most popular monument in the former capital is the Royal Castle, located on the Wawel hill, only a few minutes’ walk from the Main Square. This fantastic building used to be the main residence of Polish kings, and it’s known for the legend of the cruel Dragon, whose cave you can also visit during dental tourism in Poland. Also, the Main Square itself is a fantastic place to explore the local culture and monuments. In the centre of it, you will find the Sukiennice, monumental building from the Renaissance period, with many of souvenirs shops on the ground floor. Only a couple dozen meters away from it the St. Mary Cathedral is situated, which is known for a beautiful altarpiece designed by Veit Stoss. During the trip to Krakow you will also be able to admire one of the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci! In the National Gallery you will find his painting of the Lady with Ermine as well as other amazing works of Polish and foreign artists. The medical tourism in Poland may also be a lesson of Jewish history for you. One of the Krakow’s districts named Kazimierz, was inhabited by the members of this community for many centuries, today it is an important cultural centre of the city, with beautiful Synagogues, art galleries, and restaurants. If you have enough time, you should also go for a trip to the Museum of Auschwitz, located outside the former capital. This is very sad, but important place, which will teach you a lesson about a sad history of Polish and Jewish people.

Medical Tourism in Poland at the Cichoń Centre

Our story begins in 2003 when our founder Bartosz Cichoń opened his first dental centre. For over a dozen of years he was gaining experience and new clients, who were looking for professional dental treatment in the private medical care sector. Today in the Cichoń Centre are employed over 30 people, who are known for their big expertise in the medical field. Our clinic is offering the highest international standards, which is confirmed by numerous awards we have received so far. Almost every year the clinic wins in plebiscites organized by the local and national press and industry institutions, we are also recommended by Polish celebrities, artists and businessmen. The Cichoń Centre is very popular not only among Krakow’s residents but also foreigners who are choosing dental holiday in Poland.
If you are living abroad, we can offer you very reasonable dental tourism prices, much lower than in your home town clinics.  At the same time, we can guarantee the highest standards of all the treatment you want to choose in the Cichoń Centre. In our facility, we use only modern medical equipment that has all international approvals and allows us to make a precise diagnosis and properly arrange the treatment. The staff employed in the clinic is competent and sympathetic, all employees constantly enrich their knowledge during many dental conferences. We are offering a full package of professional treatments, which you may choose during dental travel to Poland.
The most popular dental treatments

Orthodontics in Poland

In our professional dental clinic, we offer a comprehensive orthodontic treatment, intended for patients of all ages who have been diagnosed with the malocclusion. Correction of such a defect is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but malocclusion can also lead to dangerous health complications. The most common effects of the problem include the development of speech impediments, disorders in the mandibular joint or the periodontal disease. For patients suffering from malocclusion, an orthodontic appliance is recommended, which puts pressure on the particular parts of the teeth, forcing them to position properly.
Orthodontic treatment can be very expensive, especially if you are living in Western Europe. Unfortunately, in most of the countries, it is not covered by public medical insurance, therefore you have to pay for that from your own pocket. However, during dental tourism in Poland, you can get proper care into our clinic, saving a lot of the money! It will only take a few visits to diagnose the problem, install the orthodontic appliance and control a course of the treatment. In the Cichoń Centre we offer modern DAMON applies that guarantee much higher effectiveness and efficiency of treatment. Unlike traditional braces, this product is using a innovate self-ligating technique, which allows to significantly reduce the time of wearing the apparatus, reduce pain and the number of follow-up visits. This last aspect is particularly important for patients from abroad like you.

Endodontics in Poland

Another treatment you can try in the clinic during dental holiday is endodontics. This field of dentistry is probably known to the majority of patients because it deals with root canal treatment of infected teeth. Most countries provide their citizens with such services within the framework of state healthcare, but usually, its quality leaves much to be desired. Often public clinics use outdated treatment techniques that are long-term ineffective and usually give little aesthetic effects. On the other hand, endodontics treatments in private West European clinics can be a big challenge for your home budget. That is why many foreigners choose a medical tourism in order to cure tooth cavities.
In our clinic, we use current knowledge of endodontics to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile. The treatment is carried out in several stages, however, in the case of smaller tooth defects, it can be finished during one visit. At first, we are performing a test using radiovisiography, it will help to determine the exact state of the teeth and to develop the treatment plan. Then the patient is subjected to local anesthesia and the dentist can start his work. During the procedure the infected pulp of the tooth is removed, then the canal is filled with thermoplastic gutta-percha, which hinders the re-infiltration of periapical tissues.

Dental Implants in Poland

Negligence in the field of the dental prophylaxis can lead to serious dental cavities and, as a result, to the need to remove the entire tooth. In Cichoń Centre we offer patients professional dental implants that will allow them to enjoy beautiful teeth again. This option is also recommended for people who lost a tooth during an accident. In most of the European countries, dental implants are not covered by the public healthcare, and their cost in private practices is alarmingly high. If you also don’t want to be ashamed of your smile, dental tourism in Poland is the best option to choose. At the clinic, we offer several types of implantological treatments individually tailored to each patient.
The procedure of inserting dental implants takes place in several stages and its final time depends on the clinical case. In the beginning, the patient undergoes anesthesia in order to place the implant in the bone with no pain. After two weeks, another visit is needed, during which the stitches are removed, you can do that in your home town in a public clinic. Then the healing phase begins and the implant is connected to the bone, which will last up to 6 months. At this point, you will return to our clinic for radiological control, which will show if the implant has been properly embedded, and if so, the healing cape will be applied. The last part of implant treatment is a prosthetic stage, during which we are preparing the abutment and prosthetic restoration. Because of the affordable dental implant prices in Poland, even with several visits, it will be less expensive, then treatment in your country.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Poland

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, unfortunately, after many years teeth are often in a bad condition and its owners are ashamed of them. However, thanks to the cosmetic dentistry this problem can be easily fixed, especially if You choose the offer of the Cichoń centre. We are inviting people from many countries to visit our clinic during the dental holiday in Poland. Our crew of medical experts will develop a treatment plan and give the teeth a decent look again. We offer very reasonable prices for the foreigners, much lower than in western clinics of a similar standard.
By choosing cosmetic dentistry in the clinic you will be the owner of a beautiful Hollywood smile and will gain a lot of confidence, which is especially important during public speeches for example. Depending on the condition of your teeth, we can offer a variety of treatments tailored to your individual needs. If your teeth are healthy but not aesthetic, we recommend veneers that will restore their beautiful appearance. In the case of missing tooth, check the all-ceramic crowns that will perfectly complement your smile, but first, we will insert the dental implant for better support. However, our offer is not only focused on the teeth, but also on the gums! If your gums do not cover the tooth surface enough, are swollen or asymmetrical, we recommend its plastic surgery! Most cosmetic dentistry treatments will also help you to keep your teeth in good condition because large cavities can lead to malocclusions or other unpleasant consequences.

Teeth Whitening in Poland

Another way to be a proud member of a Hollywood smile is whitening, which is recommended only for the cured teeth. In drugstores, you can purchase many cosmetic products that are supposed to brighten the teeth, such as pastes, strips, pens and so on. Unfortunately, such products are not very effective, at least in a long-term. The best way is dental whitening of teeth, which, unfortunately, can be quite expensive. No wonder then that a large part of foreign patients of our clinic chooses this treatment! Medical tourism to Poland is the best way to gain a beautiful smile without spending a fortune.
The natural colour of tooth enamel is more similar to beige than white, so looking at the smile of famous people, you can fall into serious complexes. In the medical centre, we use the modern Prevdent system, which not only will brighten the enamel, but also regenerate it and strengthen. This state-of-the-art technique largely exceeds the traditional methods of teeth whitening, which are still used in many dental offices. First of all, after the treatment, you will have to use a special diet for only 24 hours, not a few days. Besides, the whitening effect will last even for 3 years, to prolong it, you can use special Prevdent brand products. The treatment consists of seven stages, but it will definitely be completed during one stay in Poland. In the clinic we are offering a couple of more teeth whitening types, also for the dead tooth, check our website for more information.

Paediatric Dentistry in Poland

A visit to the dental office is a huge stress, especially for a small child. Therefore, pediatric dentist is expected not only to have specialized knowledge in his field but also to have a proper approach to a little patient. In our clinic, we employ competent and sympathetic doctors who have many years of experience working with the children. Their services are also available for foreigners, so if your kid needs dental treatment, be sure to check what we have prepared for you. In this field, we can also offer very competitive dental tourism prices, which will save you a lot of money to treat your child’s teeth.
In our clinic, you can use preventive treatments that will allow your child to keep a healthy and beautiful smile for longer. In order to prevent plaque retention in hard-to-reach places, we suggest filling the tooth pits and fissures with the help of a special sealant. The treatment is performed on freshly erupted permanent teeth, which are still free from caries.  As part of prevention, your child may also benefit from a fluoride varnish treatment that will effectively strengthen tooth enamel. In our clinic, we also offer a conservative treatment of the child’s milk and permanent teeth. In the case of filling cavities in the milk tooth, our dentists use coloured filling, your child can choose the colour himself. With permanent teeth we are using almost the same methods as with adult patients, to learn more about the treatment check our website.

Laser Therapy in Poland

One of the more effective ways to diagnose the condition of teeth and their treatment is laser therapy, which we also use in our dental clinic. This option is commonly used in conservative dentistry, microsurgery, endodontics, and prosthetics. Especially patients who visited us as part of a dental holiday, may benefit from laser therapy. In its case, the treatment time is much shorter, many procedures can be performed in one session. The laser works extremely well in the case of hypersensitivity resulting from tooth extraction or filling cavities for example.
Laser therapy is a modern technique, which is why it is rarely used in public healthcare. In turn, in the case of private dental offices, its cost can be quite high. Fortunately, in our centre, its price may be even several times lower than in a clinic of a similar standard in your home town. The method is extremely precise, therefore it usually does not require the use of local anesthesia. Furthermore, this technique can be the only alternative for people who cannot use pharmacological treatment, due to health reasons. Also, laser therapy can help cure teeth sensitivity completely. The laser beam reduces the diameter of the dentinal tubules, making the hypersensitivity no longer noticeable. Laser therapy is currently the best treatment for this condition, so if you are also struggling with it, be sure to book the appointment in our clinic. However, beforehand, check the contraindications for using this technique.

Periodontics in Poland

One of the more common diseases that are treated in our clinic is periodontics, which affects the tissues surrounding the teeth. The disease is associated with the presence of bacteria around the gums that appear as a result of improper and irregular dental care. For prevention purposes, it is recommended sandblasting of teeth, which you will also find in the offer of our clinic. However, if you already suffer from periodontics, you can effectively get rid of the problem during dental travel. In the medical centre we use modern methods of treatment that significantly shorten its time and guarantee its positive effect.
Depending on the advancement of periodontics, our specialists will commission you a different type of treatment. In the initial stage, it is enough to get rid of plaque and calculus deposits that settle around the tooth, thus preventing the appearance of hypersensitivity and sediment. This treatment will be completed during one visit to the clinic, so you can use it as part of dental travel Poland. Unfortunately, the majority of patients report to us already in the advanced stage of periodontics, the treatment of which requires surgical intervention. In the Cichoń Centre we are offering the gingival flap surgery, during which the lesions of periodontal tissues are removed and elements lost by the disease are reconstructed. The surgery takes place under local anesthesia, at the end the doctor assumes stitches that are removed after one week.

Practical information

If you want to use our clinic during dental travel in Poland, please contact us and we will arrange the details. The Cichoń Centre is located in the eastern part of Debniki quarter just a few minutes’ walk from the Krakow’s old town, so after the dental treatment you will be able to go straight for the sightseeing. In the area of our facility you will find parking spaces for patients, including those with disabilities. In the neighborhood there are many high standard hotels and guest houses where you can stay while on holiday in Krakow. We are happy to help with booking accommodation, we will advise you on where to eat tasty dinner in the Polish style and recommend the most interesting tourist attractions. We may also provide assistance in organizing transport from and to the Krakow Balice Airport. If You have any additional questions about the offer of our clinic please read the FAQ section on the website or contact our office by phone or email.