Spectro Shade



Spectrophotometer is a technologically advanced system designed to instantly and reliably analyse the colour of teeth and prosthetic work. The spectrophotometer analyses the amount of light absorbed by an object over the entire visible spectrum. It is also the first, and so far the only, system to perform analyses in relation to what the human eye sees. RGB systems operating on the market or so-called colourimeters based on RGB analysis do not provide objective colour analysis.

How it works: Using a special scanner, the doctor takes a picture of the selected tooth. They can also take several photos or combine them into a full arc. The photo is sent via a USB connector, SD card or WLAN to the computer.
Next, data analysis is performed. The technician can assess the colours seen by the system in relation to the image that the human eye sees. Transparencies and transluminescence, base colours and component colours are also analysed. A full colour map of the tooth is created.
Then, after completing the work, the technician can perform an analysis to check how a filling will look in the patient’s mouth.
The system allows for highly detailed analysis of the three main components thanks to which we perceive colour, i.e. brightness, saturation and colour. It objectively determines the colour of the tooth or teeth and presents a very detailed analysis with respect to a standard.
The analysis of the data contains suggestions for how to best perform prosthetic work in order to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

We can prepare a colour sheet, send images and analysis by e-mail, as well as perform smile analysis. We can also determine how the tooth will look in daylight, under halogen light and even how tooth will “behave” in disco lighting.

Using this system, we can also visualise, for example, teeth whitening procedures. This makes it possible to show the patient the colour or shade of their teeth before the procedure, and how they look after finishing the whitening process.