Autoklaw GETINGE K7+ jest prostopadłościenną komorą sterylizacyjną.


GETINGE K7+ autoclave

Effective sterilisation of dental tools is the basis for the proper functioning of every dental practice. To ensure 100% safety, we decided to buy the best autoclave (sterilisation chamber) available on the market. GETINGE K7+ is an effective solution in the field of steam sterilisation.
GETINGE K7+ is a rectangular sterilisation chamber.
Sterilisation programs:

• class B cycle, set of tools, 134°C, process time ~ 25 min
• class B cycle, set of tools, 121°C, process time ~ 39 min
• class B cycle, textiles, 134°C, process time ~ 29 min
• instant program, 134°C, process time ~ 9 min
• dental special program, 134°C, process time for 10 wrapped tips ~ 15 min
• class B cycle, prions, 134°C, process time ~ 38 min
• test programs: Bowie&Dick, leak test
• optional programs: user-defined, liquid sterilisation program