Erkoform 3D Motion - urządzenie firmy Erkodent do podciśnieniowego formowania wgłębnego z zautomatyzowanym procesem formowania.


Thermoforming unit

This is device for vacuum thermoforming with an automated thermoforming process. This device (known as a vacuum forming machine) allows you to create whitening pads, retainers or mouthguards for athletes.

It is easy to use and does not require connection to a compressor. It is also not necessary to pre-heat the device, because the touchless temperature measurement is completely independent of external influences.
It has a temperature measurement sensor. The displayed cooling and heating temperature periods can be changed without affecting the basic program.

Product details:

• Touchless temperature control
• Reserve vacuum and touch panel
• Automated thermoforming process
• Medium-wave infrared heater with cover
• Foil securing ring
• Infrared temperature sensor
• Foil lowering with obstacle recognition
• On-off magnet for collecting filling granules
• Dimensions: 31.5 x 35 x 37 cm (height x width x depth)
• Weight: 13.1 kg
• Sensor: measuring range up to 240° C
• Vacuum technology with reserve vacuum; 0.8 bar
• Volume: <70 dB (A)
• Power supply: 230/240, 115/100 Volt, 360 watts (with radiator)
• Fuse: 2 x T – 2A (230/240 V) or 2 x T – 4A (100/115 V)