Mikroskop endodontyczny Leica M032


Endodontic microscope

Dentists in our clinic often perform very precision-heavy root canal treatments, which require high magnification. The endodontic microscope provides a clear, enhanced, three-dimensional image with a large depth and a wide field of view, thanks to which observation of pathological lesions, imperceptible to the naked eye, is possible.

The endodontic microscope was the world’s first microscope to use LED technology. It plays a significant role in endodontic treatment, creating the ideal conditions for dentists to find dental canals.

Leica is a familiar brand among photographers, doctors and scientists. The introduces the user into a new dimension of convenience and ergonomics – it easily adjusts to the intended work. The vertical or adjustable arm ideally suits the individual working conditions of a good dentist. The imaging technology is advanced and supported by excellent LED light quality.