Kompaktowy skaler Piezon 150 szwajcarskiej firmy EMS


Mini Piezon EMS Ultrasonic Scaler

Mini Piezon is a freestanding ultrasonic scaler powered by water from an external source. Its vibration frequency is in the range of 25 ÷ 32 kHz, with an automatic support system that maintains the pre-set power throughout the procedure (measurements are taken 7 times per second). The unique features of the Mini Piezon are its aesthetics, ergonomics and ease of use. These strengths, supported by Swiss quality, guarantee greater resistance and longer life.
Benefits at a glance:

• Transparent control panel with an extremely wide power control range – 35 settings
• Excellent performance and safety in every treatment
• Easy identification of the current power setting using the backlight on the control panel
• Determination of maximum power for PERIO treatments