Elektryczny nóż chirurgiczny (kauter) – Carlo de Giorgi


Surgical knife (cauter)

With the help of an electric surgical knife, you can perform cuts without pressure, which enables soft tissue treatment in the mouth. The tip of the instrument easily penetrates the mucous membrane, enabling precise, bleeding-free cuts and constant control of the operated area. Thanks to this device, the maximum healing time is shortened and the patient’s scar tissue is reduced to a minimum.

We use a surgical knife in the following procedures:

• Gum surgery, gingivoplasty
• Frenulum surgery, correction
• Removal of the gingival pocket in case of impacted wisdom tooth
• Removal of pulp polyps
• Removal of gingival hyperplasia and tumours
• Removal of changes on mucous membranes
• Window technique for unveiling unerupted teeth based on orthodontic indications
• Coagulation