ACUCAM® CONCEPT® IV FWT GENDEX – zaawansowana kamera wewnątrz i zewnątrzustna


AcuCam® Concept® IV FWT


ACUCAM® CONCEPT® IV FWT – advanced intraoral and extraoral camera. It records, saves and plays back performed activities, allowing the patient to witness treatments as they take place. It transmits very high-resolution photographs, enabling evaluation of the smallest details, making it an important microscopic diagnostic tool.

• optical magnification up to 110x
• slim handle with wide-angle optics (62)
• depth of field from 1mm to infinity
• retroflex vision with an angle of 97.50 (which reveals the most distant areas on the side of the tongue)

AcuCam® Concept® IV FWT is a very high-resolution video camera. The digital DSP signal processor provides images without discolouration and blurring, and thanks to its direct digital connection, the camera can be easily integrated with a computer. Basic image processing, such as enlarging, rotating, and mirroring, makes it possible to print images of excellent, digital quality.