Basic information

What is ozonotherapy?

Ozonotherapy is a modern method for painlessly and non-invasively treating early carious lesions that does not involve drilling. Ozone, a blue gas with a density higher than air, has strong bactericidal and disinfectant properties. It thoroughly penetrates all surfaces of the tooth structure, which makes it an ideal „cleanser”. It is an excellent means of killing bacteria in tooth cavities and other microorganisms in the oral cavity. It works great for patients who usually associate standard methods with pain, including children.

Indications for ozone therapy:

  • hypersensitive dental necks
  • painless treatment of mild carious lesions
  • supports standard invasive treatment (shortens the drilling time)
  • prevents the formation of secondary caries
  • reduces the risk of caries developing under prosthetic restorations
  • root canal treatment (decontamination of canals)
  • soft tissue treatment (post-extraction pain, herpes)
  • protection of erupting teeth in children


  • patients with a pacemaker, a recent myocardial infarction or uncontrolled hypertension
  • epileptics or patients suffering from other serious neurological disorders
  • patients with psychological problems
  • children under one year old during treatment of the mucous membrane
  • patients with severe asthma and susceptibility to allergy
  • pregnancy

Applied solutions

Applied solutions


At the Cichoń Dental Centre, we use the best equipment on the market – HealOzone Kavo.

Dentistry uses the bactericidal properties of ozone, which, as a gas, penetrates hard to reach places. At first, ozone therapy was mainly used for painless treatment of early carious lesions, but it is now also used for endodontic treatment: thanks to ozone the root canal can be disinfected and dried in a single treatment, which significantly speeds up the treatment process. When there are large carious changes, ozone acts as an auxiliary, significantly shortening the drilling time.

The course of treatment

The course of treatment

The treatment involves cleaning the tooth and then fitting it with a soft, silicone cap. The cap must tightly cover the ozonated tooth. Then, the gas that destroys the bacteria begins to be applied. The process does not take very long: from 20 to 60 seconds. Once complete, all that remains is to cover the tooth with a fluid that inhibits bacterial growth and accelerates demineralization (hardening the tissues of teeth). The ozone application is completely painless and safe.

Frequently asked questions

How does the HealOzone device work?

The device uses pure oxygen and ozone to kill bacteria and viruses and prevent the formation of caries.

Is ozone treatment completely safe?

Yes, during ozone therapy the maximum ozone concentration in the oral cavity is 0.01 ppm.